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From: James Robinson
Subject: GAYM part 08GAYM -- A gay sci-fi fantasy continuesPreface: I kind of shelved this after Christmas as nobody seemed
particularly interested and this year started off kind of crazy for my
life. children pussy pic After a request to pick up the story and continue, I'm gonna try
just that.
GAYM Part 08 The 2nd Battle
We didn't have much time russian naked child
to celebrate our first victory before Aahz
and Brockhurst (Brock) arrived from their expedition to the market at
Deville. "I got nothing," Aaahz admitted sadly. "You wouldn't believe the
prices!" "Well, I got some special effect that might prove useful," Brock
announced. "Flash powder abd ---" he dissappeared with a flash of light
and a puff of smoke. "Neat trick," said Andy. "Another invisibility cloak?" "Couldn't afford a cloak," said Brock, reappearing, "besides, this
offers more child russian nude
coverage, even if it is stiffer. It's a SHEET of
invisibility." "That could come in russian naked child
handy for ME," said Gus. I had a little trouble
with the invisibility CLOAK in our children sex photo first battle.""You mean you already had a battle?" Aahz asked."They tried a sneak child sexy attack," said Ajax. "Your 'kid' here was brilliant,
but I'm afraid the enemy knows about Gus and Berfert now.""Not necessarily," Gus put in. "I was disguised as Skeeve at first, and
they may think
he disguised himself as me later and used his magic for the fire. I
think they never saw Berfert, and they never saw me fly because I didn't
need to.""Well, you obviously won the first battle," said Aahz. "It won't be the
last.""So, what do we do now?" I asked."While we wait for them to make the next move, we look over Brock's
special effects," Aahz explained.I wanted to find out more about the flash powder."You set fire to it,:" Brock explained. "Toss a litle bag of it on the
ground by your feet and light it. As you've seen, it burns quickly and
gives you a screen of smoke during which you can disappear, or suddenly
appear out of nowhere.""The disappearing I can understand, but tell me more about this
apperaring out of nowhere," I said."You can suddenly appear from behind an invisibility cloak, or an
invisibility sheet. A really good magician can even disguise himself to
look like i love childsex the grass, I can manage a bush or tree myself, then suddenly
appear.""And the invisibility sheet?" I asked."It's sort of like one-way glass. chil blak sex
If porn child gallery you're on the right side of it, you
can see through, but people on the other side can't see you.""Whoa, back up." said Aahz."It's like one-way glass," Brock began again."No, about the deceptions. I neber thoght of disguises as anything more
than a way to look like the natives.""All part of assassin training," explained Brock."Can it work the other way around?" asked Aahz. "Could the kid here make
the trees look like troops?""I don't know," said Brock. "I've never tried that.""Heads up!" pussy girl child
yelld Ajax. child prostitute "The Gremlin says there's some activity in the
other camp. Looks like they're sending out a group to discuss the next
battle."Sure enough, a group of soldiers and officers was standing just about
where Aahz and I had stood when we had wanted a war council."Should we go out there?" I asked Aahz."Let 'em sweat," said Aahz. "They kept us waiting, and they haven't
played fair; besides, you need some practice with the flash nudists children powder and
that invisibilty sheet -- unless you prefer the cloak."After nearly an hour, Aahz and I stepped out of our grove of trees and
walked down the hill and accross the meadow to where the soldiers stood
waiting; Aahz once again pretending to be my servant, disguised as my
former Earthling teacher, Garkin. For myself, I was hidden by the
invisibility cloak I'd picked up from the Imp Assassin that had died
killing Garkin. I had a few bags of the flash powder, so I could make a
dramatic entrance (and/or retreat, with the D-hopper, if the need arose)."You wish a metting?" Aahz asked a fellow that seemed to be the new
leader."Where's your master?" the fellow replied."He's a magician. He sees and hears what his servant sees and hears.""I wish to speak to him directly, commander to commander," said the
officer."Very well," said Aahz. "Oh Skeeve, great master," (that was my cue to
drop a bag of flash powder) "this infidel requests an audience with your
greatness."I reversed the invisibility cloak and simultaneously lit the flash
powder. The results were spectacular. The soldiers drew back. To them,
it loked as if child russian nude
I'd suddenly appeared out of thin air, materializing in a
cloud of red smoke.To me, it was immediately apparant that I'd not practiced enough, for I
had set off the bay pussy child pics much too close, and the smoke nearly choked me. My
attempts child seks movies to not cough or show weakness resulted in my desires to hide
myself from embarassment causing me to undergo several transformations --
Imp, Devo, Purrfect, and Giant."Steady, Master," Aahz cautioned. "Do not let your anger overcome your
reason."At least all this had the effect of knocking some of the swagger out of
the opposition."Lord Skeeve. I, uh we, need to discuss certain matters with you," the
opposing officer began."What happened to Claude?" I asked. "I was under the impression child porno vids that
he was in charge here.""He WAS. Now's he's to be court-martialed for incompetence! He greatly
underestimated your abilities. Rest assured that I, Antonio, will ot
make the same mistake."With that, he began to change shape, and color. I had only seen dinosaur
bones, but what appeared before me met all my expectations of what a
young T-Rex would look like."Very impressive," I said, as calmly as I could. "Appears you know
something about magic, but what child nudes pics
are you supposed to be?""Now THAT," Aahz informed me, "is a pervert.""Hmm," said Antonio, changing back to a more humanoid form, "you seem
strangely wise for an Idiot.""I," Aahz began, but I waved a hand warningly. No sense in revealing
that he was a demon. "I may be an Idiot, but I'm no fool," Aahz
concluded."You're a fool if you try to stop me and this army," said Antonio."And you're a fool if you think I'm going to let you and Istvan continue
to Earth," I said."Then you'd better stop us here," said Antonio."That's the idea," said Aahz."You're welcome to try. Shall we say a few hours after dawn, tomorrow?""We'll be here," said Aahz.*****Back at our own camp, I discussed my worries. "Their new commander is
going to be a challenge, and he sounds so confident. You think Istvan
himself will come fight?""I don't know, kid," Aahz replied. "Clearly Antonio thinks he has some
kind of ace up his sleeve. We'll have to keep our eyes open tonight and
see if we can find movie naked child
out what."Andy and Brock, being able to disguise themselves as a bush and a tree,
respectively, naked childrens pussy child preten lolas were able to get close enough to the enemy during the night
to bring back some startling news. A huge crate had arrived, apparantly
teleported (perhaps by Istvan himself). child naked sites Whatever was inside, the
soldiers were keeping it under guard. Brock said that even with his
invisibility cloak, the soldiers were so think about it that he was
afraid he'd trip over one if he tried to get a closer look."Where's that Gremlin when we need him?" said Ajax. "Espionage and
sabotage would be his cup of tea."Gus spoke up. "I think I saw him when I went to check on Berfert, and on
your Dragon, Skeeve. No telling where he is now.""Well," said Aahz. "You should get some sleep, Skeeve. You're gonna
need all the energy you can get for tomorrow. The rest of us will take
watch in turns. One of us will wake you a few hours before dawn."***I was having a wonderful dream about a victory celebration involving
terrific sex with Andy. I could even feel his touch and hear him calling
my name."Skeeve, Skeeve! Wake up!" Andy was shaking me awake."What's the situation?" I asked."I think we're about to find out," said Andy.I went to look. I could see Antonio deep in conversation with someone.
While I couldn't see the stranger under his hooded cloak, his size
reminded me of something."Looks like they got themselves a Giant, whatever else they may have,"
Andy observed."A Giant?" The guy I got Gleep, my dragon, from on Deville was a Giant.
Now I think I know what's in that crate. Go get Gleep ready. We may
have to fight fire with fire."
To be continued
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